Wednesday, 26 March 2014

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How To Increase Google AdSense Income With DFP

Learn about an Experiment which can raise the CPM of Google AdSense Ads unit, as you apply this change your Income increases.
How To Increase Google AdSense Income With DFP

I had run an experiment on Google Adsense for a month, and it has proved that this change has had a positive effect in increasing the CPM of that Ads where the changes had been made.

The Experiment was like this that :-

I had placed an Ad of 300 X 600 on this site above the Live Traffic Feed Widget which shows both Image and Text rich ads. The Ad Unit is enabled for placement Targeting so that advertisers can easily target this ad unit to display ad through this Google Adwords.

Suppose the Average CPM of that unit is $2 according to Google AdSense reports.
To get Higher CPM for that Ads, i created a simple rule that blocked the ads whose CPM are $2 or below $2.So Google AdSense Ads will only appear if its CPM is above $2 or about 20% higher than the current average value of CPM. If CPM was lower, an in house ad was displayed to audience instead of Google Ads.

This experiment is nearly live for 4 weeks and finally it helped in pushing the CPM of that ad unit.
Why ? the exact answer is still not known but probably because Google Ads now had to compete with others ads in order to show up on site and thus rising the CPM to outbid that other ad.

There is also an advantage that instead of showing those low CPM ads you can use that space to promote your own blog post, archive or anything that brings your audience an interest to visit more. Even you can use that ad place to show your old post for your new audience who have missed those post.

If you also want to try out this then you can Contact me or you can read Google DFP Tutorial or how you may serve other ads instead of Google Ads.Then Set an CPM threshold which is only 10% to 20% higher than the current one and run this experiment for 12-15 days. 


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