Thursday, 20 March 2014

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How WhatsApp Confession a Facebook Fan page Get 450K+ Fans

This is a real story written by Oscar the Admin of WhatsApp Confession Only.
  • How he Get 450K+ in 1 year ? 
  • How He handle this huge Fans? 
  • Who are The people behind this Page ?
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So here it is the real words of Oscar

It's all started when there was a craze in the air for the Facebook Pages related to Confessions. You type any College name in search box of Facebook and it's ready with the "College name + Confession pages", Type any City name similarly you will find "City name + Confession Pages". So i too created a page for my college. And it was really Fun to post anonymously about any Teacher, Student in front of Whole College Student. But Soon we started getting abusive and Vulgar Comments about Teacher, it was also a kind of Fun to post such things. The Biggest Funny part was that teachers and staffs also used to visit the page regularly, just to stay aware if some confession arrived on page related to them.
Now the problem comes after few days there at the Front page News in "MUMBAI MIRROR" that college confession page are on target of Cyber Police, because many of the college Heads and Principle in Mumbai Filled a Complaint on anonymous college confession pages. So from now the Admins of this pages were in Danger.

My Family was aware of that I too have a Confession page related to my college. So they insisted me to delete that page from Facebook because they didn't want me to get in trouble with the matter of Cyber Crimes. So they Forced me and i Had to Delete that confession page for which is very hard for me to close a page with 3000+ likes, because i never had likes on such huge amount on any page before. So i did closed.

Soon my life got boring without any confessions from student , because i had addicted to that kind of Posting all the funny and dirty stuff regarding to college anonymously. 
So i decided to make a new page, which should not be related to any college or company specially which in India. So i Started thinking for the names, which can suit my page and help it grow fast. So i took help of my best and close friends Hiral Shah and Nikhil Nambiar they suggested me many names the name which we were looking for should have to be so common that every people on Facebook should be aware of that name and the most important thing is nobody should have created that kind of page on Facebook before.
So our mind started striking us with Funny name such as OXYGEN, WATER, UNIVERSAL, GALAXY, STARS, MOONS, DRINKS and many more useless and Funny Names. 
At last we got the name which is most familiar in the world and many people are aware of it, and the last thing there was not any page created with that name on Facebook and that name was "WhatsApp Confessions".

As soon as i created that page on 14th March 2013 at about 7pm from one cyber cafe. I invited all my friends which were in my friends list. within half an hour i got 60 likes that wasn't to shocking for me because i had invited 700 people in my friend list. 

So the next step to make famous my page was that as my page was new there was no single confession in it. And no people will confess as it was new page. So i created a Google Doc which will receive Confessions from people from any corner of world anonymously. Which will help people to be relaxed about not getting revealed in public regarding who did the confession against them?And then i post some fake confession against some of the few famous girls of my School, so that the people following that will spread about that news about such Confessions being published on Such Confession page. The Fake Confession were not vulgar, but it was kind of proposal confession from anonymous guy to most famous girl.

As i was leaving the cyber cafe after Creating the page and Uploading some Fake Confessions my page was with 80-90 likes, but next morning at 4 am when i checked the page through my mobile i was shocked to see that my page has 600+ likes it just grew so big within hours. But still i didn't cared and slept in thought of checking the page at 8'o Clock.

When i checked the confession at 8'o Clock i was really shocked to see that it has nearly about 1900 likes.
Now my page was flooded with lots of Confessions, from all around the people of my city, I was busy in posting confessions with some good admin suggestions and the page continued to grow with an awesome speed. Within 3 days it got around 5000 likes in afternoon and just 4 hour later it was having 10000 likes.

Now it was really tough for me to manage the page because i had to check it regularly to inbox to see if some people need help or if they are having complaint regarding to some post of page. With continues checking on Confessions coming from all around the world. 
So i decided to Add some more admins to my page. Now the biggest question is to Whom Should i add to this page So in my mind 1st people came were my close friends, but then thought came in my mind that they will take it lightly and won't do any work on page. 
Then i decided to add unknowns people which will not take me lightly and will do what i'll say. So i posted in page that i want some admins for my page and there was hundreads of request. Now from that i had selected few people from different corners of India, Some were from Mumbai, Some from Kolkatta, Delhi , Bangalore and Many more places. 
I trained them that How to Post Confessions in what Format and what type of Confessions you should post. Now here comes another problem that admins were clashing on the page with each others timing. So i came up with an idea that we should create a secret group and admins who is going to post will inform that he is posting now and till what time he will post. So the other Admins can be ready for their turn with proper timing.

Till now many admins came and gone but only few stayed in the page and in my heart too.

WHATSAPP CONFESSION in other words showed me the real world which i never faced in my practical life.It teach me that What do people Thinks about others and how do they behave and most of them are two faced just like the bad boy in batman 2nd Series.

That's all about My Facebook Page WhatsApp Confessions.

So guys how do you feel tell in comments below. 


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