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How to Make Money With Event Based Niche Blog In Less than a Week

Hi Guys, This is a Case study on How my Friend Imran Uddin owner of All Tech Buzz has made $2000 in less than a week. He created a event based niche blog the event he targeted was New Year and it really rocked his new year. The best thing about his event based blog is he didn't had to work on the New Year Eve but he has done and completed his job the day before the eve.

He made $1500 from Google AdSense and over $500 via sales of his Blogging Coaching.

What are Event Based Niche Blog ?

Simply Event Based Niche Blogs are the Blog which are focused on any upcoming event like Valentines Day, New Year, Mothers Day, any event it can be which is celebrated all over the world.

Imran and His friend has Done the work on Event based blog.

How to Make Money With Event Based Niche Blog In Less than a Week

How He Started ?

1.  1st of all He has done some research on the events on Google which are highly Searched to drive best possible Traffic.He never tried to use any paid tool, for this research he only used his calendar and Google Keyword Planner.

2.  Secondly he started researching on Keywords which has huge no. of Searches and Low competitions. 

Finally he selected a Domain Name related to the niche is 

It's look quite easy to hear but actually it's very tough until and unless you do all the work exactly.

3.  Now Focus on the Title and Content of post, If you think getting exact matching Domain will work then you are Wrong, You need to optimize the Title and post content with Keywords so that it get Top rank on Google Search Engines.

Guide that will work for you :-

>> Always keep in Mind what people will Search on Google and then Choose the Title according to it.
>> Never Disappoint your reader with Low Quality Content.
>> Try to Mention the Year at every Post title of the Year of your event.
>> And Don't ever Forget to do Internal Linking.

Examples Likes >> Happy New Year 2014, Happy New Year HD Wallpapers, Happy Mothers Day wallpapers 

Content for this type of Blog Doesn't require any Experience or Knowledge, It only require your General Knowledge as most of the content is only the Images, Video and Gif Images etc.So i hope it is not the difficult Task.

4. Create Links from High Page Rank blogs and website, For this you need to create many Back-links to your blog and never ever Forget to Share it on Social Media, as this is the Most Crucial part.

5.Don't Forget to do both On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO, If you don't know How to SEO then you can hire a SEO expert , We can also provide some SEO experts if you want you can contact me anytime.

6. Now Monetization which is the Last Step and the Main Step without which you will not be able to make even a single penny. Monetize your Blog with Google AdSense , But if you are not able to get an approved account then you can try to for Info-links,, Chitika etc.

                                 How to Increase Google AdSense Income 

Note :-

>> Start the Work at least Before 1 month of the event as to ensure the work will be done at proper time.
>> Try to do it in Partnership with your Friends.
>> Use Blogger Platform as it is easy for newbie and the post on blogger platform are indexed faster than any other.
>> Don't take this lightly as this is new in the field of Blogging so everyone gonna try this, so do with dedications

If you find any Problem in this article or You wanted to suggest some changes in this then you can tell us in comments or Can mail me, If you liked it then Don't Forget to share it.

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  1. I’m new blogger , so, dont know too much and this one is awesome post , A very informative post for me. Thnx for sharing this.