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Thursday, 28 August 2014

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Top 3 Blogging Communities that help in Driving Targeted Traffic

Hi Guys. Today I am going to reveal How I am Driving Targeted Traffic with the Top 3 Blogging Communities. Whenever you will search for Top active communities to drive traffic on Google we get some big list but here you will get to know about only those who are most active and even helpful to drive US quality traffic.

Blogging Communities

Now a days there are many Social Bookmarking sites, even you can also create your own by using Pligg and many more other services. But you will not get any profit out of it as you will not get any traffic out of small communities. Social Communities helps to drive referral traffic which often sometimes helps us to get Social likes and shares, which is one of the factor to rank high on search engines.

There are many ways you can use to drive referral quality traffic, from which some are :
  1. Regular Commenting on CommentLuv enabled blog ( Most Favorite One ).
  2. Guest Posting on Top active blog related to your one.
  3. Sharing on Social medias like Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc
  4. And Regular Sharing your blog post on active Blogging Communities.

What is Blogging Communities ?

Blogging Community is nothing but a place where you can read topic wise articles related to your queries. Even you can interact with other like minded people or should i say bloggers, which will not only help you to drive massive traffic as well as it will increase engagement on your blog through social shares and comments.

What are the Benefits of Joining Blogging Communities ?

  • Blogging Communities helps you get high search engine ranking for your blog posts.
  • When sharing your blog post in these high communities it will help you increase your blog Domain authority.
  • Help you met new other bloggers on same niche which helps you in sharing ideas

Top 3 Blogging Communities are :-

1. BlogEngage

BlogEngage is the most popular in blogging niche and will remain in future also as they have many quality bloggers who are always active. It was founded by Brian Belfitt. BlogEngage has more than 4000+ members till now from all across the world.
BlogEngage helps you drive targeted traffic, increase engagement on your blog, and even make more relationship with other fellow bloggers. It is one of the premium blogger community, so to become a member you need to pay £19.99 for standard account. But if you are investing surely you will get more out of it then you are expecting

2. DoSplash

It is one of the new blogging community founded by Jane Shebba from ProBloggingSuccess. You will find many pro bloggers as a member of it.  Getting your post featured on it is very easy but your content must be of High Quality. The best thing which i like the most in DoSplash is they provide opportunities to interact with others which helped me to increase my traffic rapidly. 

3. Kingged

Kingged is one of the best i like among all because it is free of cost to join Kinnged. I am very active in Kingged you will find me upvoting and commenting on it every where, this is because they offer blog commenting contest which help new bloggers to earn some cash which will surely help them to invest in buying Hosting, Domain as well some premium themes. 
Kingged is not only helping in earning money but also it helps to get some quality comments by good quality blogger. You can also interact with other fellow bloggers easily by personally dropping a message.

There are many blogging communities but this are some of the Top 3 Blogging Communities among all. KlinkkManageWpThe Writers SocialBlokubeBizSugar, Inbound and Indiblogger that will help you get some more targeted traffic. Join them all Today and enjoy constant flow of targeted traffic. Don't forget to tell us what your favorite blogging Communities.
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Thursday, 10 July 2014

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12 Amazing Steps to Drive Viral Traffic

I have seen many of blog post getting waste mainly because writers and content marketers don't understand How Content Marketing Works in this Modern Era.

12 Amazing Steps to Drive Viral Traffic

Today you will learn How to be a Better Content Marketer by following 12 steps. 

Learn How I use Reddit to Drive Massive Traffic

Many newbie blogger daily ask me "Why I am not getting traffic even if i wrote quality content?". As you have seen many pro bloggers saying "Content is the king".  Recently I am very impressed by Enstine Muki post i.e If Content is KIND , Where is the Kingdom so every new blogger just rely on Build and waiting for audience to come this thing only work for those who are in blogging field from long time, who have high SEO blog post and high authority. But don't worry after reading this article you will get to know about 12 Amazing Steps To do after writing new blog post to drive Viral Traffic always.

There are only two person who know about your new blog post is you and your RSS Feed Subscribers. And other comes from Social Media and Search Engine if you write search engine optimized article and share your post on popular Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Rather than relying on Search Engine content marketer have to make some plans for targeted promotions to ensure that each piece of content is consumed by your ideal customers.

Below is screenshot of my Yesterday Blog stats According to Google Analytic
World Tech Buzz Daily Stats

12 Things you must do To Drive Viral Traffic

1. Optimize Blog Posts :- 

Scan your blog post content pick out some main terms. Use this terms in Google Adwords Free Keyword Selection tools, and identify some most popular search keywords come back to your blog again. Then add those keywords in your blog post in Title, Subtitle , Headings.

2. Syndicate your Blog Content :- 

One of the most powerful and misunderstood mechanism of any blog is its RSS Feeds. This method allow you to automatically feed your blog posts to many different places those who are subscribed your blog RSS Feeds.

3. Shorten Your Blog URL :-

This step is used and applied when posting on Twitter but with addition of analytics to many URL shortening services like [ Bit.ly, Ow.ly ] then posting shortened Url on Social media is smart strategy.

4. Tailor Your Status Updates :- 

You can just type your Blog post headline and blog link in status box of various social media. But it's not sure it will help you drive traffic. To get viral traffic from social media you need to run experiments by using different size status and on different different days.

5. Post Teasers on Other Websites :-

Most of Social networkings sites and forums help you promote your content as long as it is relevant. To some viral traffic write a compelling headline or ask question with your blog post URL at the bottom and at last ask readers to give feedback so that discussion goes on continues.

6. Bookmark your Content :- 

While this technique rarely helps, but bookmarking your new post on social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, Delicious and Stumbleupon can still be a great source. The key to get success in this social bookmarking sites is by giving more than you get.

7. Comment on Other Blogs :-

Providing helpful and valuable comments on other blogs will surely help you drive. You might have seen some Pro bloggers like Harleena Singh, Enstine Muki  commenting on my blog this is because i provide them valuable comments, this also help me in building backlinks. So develop relationship with other bloggers through comments.

8. Seek and Assist on Twitter :- 

Genuine assistance is one of the best way to build community of loyal Twitter followers. Search for blog topic relevant to you and share your post with people who are asking for guidance.

9. Add to Email Signature :-

Yet another little and powerful technique is to add your latest blog post link in email signature. You will find many apps like Wisestamp for gmail. This will put your latest blog post headline into your email signature automatically.

10. Share Your Blog post with Targeted audience :-

If you have email list of customer than it is great but if you don't have it start building it today. This will help you share your content more easily with your ideal targeted audience.

11. Add your Blog Post in Next Newsletter :- 

If you had an e-newsletter then add your some of your blog post in it with proper analytic code which will help you understand which post are getting popular and which type of blog post your audience like so this will give you ideas for future content.

12. Ask other Blogger to share your post :- 

This thing will only work if you had build an great relationship with other bloggers, so that you can ask other bloggers for to share your new blog post.

Would you like to know :- How I drive Traffic and create backlinks in 1 minute

So these are those 12 Amazing Steps to Drive Viral Traffic to your New blog post which i am following from the beginning of my blogging Journey which help me to get 1000+ Daily Visitors, Alexa under 75k and good DA and PA.
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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

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Giveaway :- Get 3 Premium Accounts of YouTubeCPA worth $30

Hi Guys we are ready with an another amazing Giveaway of 3 premium Accounts of YouTubeCPA for World Tech Buzz Readers and this time any one can participate in it. 

Get 3 Premium Accounts of YouTubeCPA worth $30

Before that little bit about my experience on YouTube CPA, i had seen many of Bloggers posting there status as Earning $$$ in just one week with Adsense using YouTube. I thought it was fake but Last week i had purchased YouTube CPA and i started watching all the modules in YouTube CPA and gave a try , which ended up with some serious $$ only in Google Adsense. I was thinking to give a try to Affiliate Marketing and CPA. Now come to the point.

What is YouTube CPA and What are its Content?

YouTube CPA is one of the best guide which help you learn How to make money using YouTube + CPA i.e Cost per Acquisition [Sale]. This guide will teach you everything like :

  • How to Create YouTube Videos
  • How to Optimize YouTube Videos
  • How to Make Money Out of YouTube Videos
  • How to Get CPA offers
When you will search on search engine for how to make money using YouTube you will find many popular peoples who are making $1000 per week through YouTube. When ever you ask them to tell their secret of earning they will ask you to join their Coaching which will be costly. But YouTube CPA is cheap as well as it covers every thing from Basic to Pro. YouTube CPA include :- 
  1. A Resource Guide
  2. 6 Video Modules
  3. Some other freebies

Who is the Man Behind YouTube CPA ?

Siddharth Bagga is the author of YouTube CPA as well as founder of most popular ad networks that is TangoAds.com. He also had 2 year of experience of PPC. You can search more about him on Google and you will get to know how much money he had made till now with YouTube with Proof. 

Thing You will get to Learn from YouTube CPA :

  • Basics of YouTube Marketing
  • How to Create YouTube Videos in 5 minutes
  • How to get approved Google Adsense using YouTube
  • How to Create Professional Looking YouTube Channel
  • How you can link outside to your blog/website from inside your Videos that increase conversion rates
  • How to Increase your sales
  • How to find those topic which can go viral using Google Trends and Hot Search
  • How to Find High Payout CPA offers
  • How to rank your YouTube Video in Google Search
  • How you can Create unlimited landing pages

Participate in this Giveaway :-

You can participate in Giveaway of 3 premium accounts of YouTube CPA  using your Facebook ID or email ID. Visit us from Computers/Laptops to make it easier to participate. 
3 Winners will be chosen according to the no. of entries made by per person. 

All The Best 

Invite your Friends to make more entries and secure your chance to win.
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Friday, 4 July 2014

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How to Create Infographics that brings Do-Follow Backlinks

Have you ever thought you can create Do Follow Quality backlinks with the help of Infographic which in turns give you targeted traffic. If don't then today i will give you some awesome ideas through which you can create you own Infographic within hours.

How to Create Infographics that brings Do-Follow Backlinks

What you will learn in this article :-

  • How to create Attractive Infographics
  • Tools which are used to create Infographic Online
  • How Infographic helps you get do follow backlinks
  • How Infographic drive quality targeted traffic to your blog

But before that you will be thinking What is Infographic ?

Infographic is the visual representation of your content which looks  attractive and help your audience to understand your content without getting bored. It is like " Learn With Fun".
One research tells that Visual content are more shared as compared to text content. It's look quite easy to watch a visual content. Unfortunately attractive visual content usually take lot more effort, time and require a lot of skill

But if you consider effectiveness and popularity of visual content in today's modern world you will find Infographic are the best way to increase popularity of your blog. As a newbie  it is very difficult to create one so we decided to take all your pain and help you create attractive infographic. We have managed to get 5 Free Infographics Template which can be customize in Powerpoint. All you have to do is Download this template and insert your content.

SEE Two more Infographic before procedding aheda

How to Create Attractive Infographic 

1. Gather Content

Before start creating your 1st step should be to gather content. To collect data you can either use content of any third party or you can even use your original content. But if you are using any third party party content then do provide source

As you have collected much content from different post, pages and to provide source for every content is very tough. So i will recommend you that place all your links at the bottom of the Infographic, which will keep your infographic uncluttered with tons of different source. And it will also help you to drive traffic back to your blog no matter where it is embedded. 

2. Choose Template

Choosing template is also an essential part as the whole design can make it attractive or it can turn your infographic even worst.  But we have provided Free 5 Infographic Template, So that it will be easy to choose. You can download more template using search engine.
But be aware that you should choose a template which gives maximum exposure to your content and help your audience to understand it more easily.

3. Customize your Template

Customizing the Infographic template is most time consuming part it even take hours or days.
To make your template more attractive choose Font size, type , color which should match your Infographic Template background. 
Even i had also placed links at of to my site and logo at the bottom so that it can be easy to understand to the audience who had created this doesn't matter who ever share.

4. Publish It

Now after customizing your template properly you need to publish it and share as much as you can do. And don't forget to provide embedded code at the bottom of your blog post so that it will be easy to share.

Tools Which are used to Create Infographic Online

Tools Which are used to Create Infographic Online
Credit Blogger Mint

There are many tools available which helps you to create infographic online but only some are user friendly and free. To make your Work more easy we have created a list of free tools which helps you create infographic online are :-

1. Vizualize.me :- 

It is majorly used to create resumes that will be portrayed in future.

2.  Google Developers :- 

It is used to display real live data using chart this tool is very easy to use and free.

3. Ease.ly :-

This is the 1st tool i used to create my 1st Infographic i.e Journey Till now in Blogging of Krishna Moorthy D #1 [ Infographics ]. They offers many templates which are easy to customize.

4. Visual.ly :-

This is another tool which provide different template which are easy to edit basically it is a tool and community of Infographic creator.

5. Venngae :-

To create attractive and good looking template i will recommend to use this tool as it provide many templates, charts and icons. It also provide an option to animate them.

How Infographic helps to create Do follow backlinks

As i had mentioned above to provide embedded code below your infographic to make it more easy to share your infogrphic, whenever somebody puts that code in his/her blog post which brings you do follow backlinks. It looks like this as shown in picture below

Embedded Code for Infographics

How Infographic drives Quality traffic to your blog

Your Infographic will only be shared by those who are of the same niche of your blog, whenever they share it on their blog post or social site, as you had included you blog link, Title and logo which will help his/her audience to know who is the man behind this Infographic, which in turn give you quality targeted traffic Hence Increasing your Engagement.

Now i guess you are all prepared for creating your own Infographic. You can Download our 5 Free Template for Infographic and can also share it with your friends.
Do comments below to let me know if i missed something in this post that should be included and Don't forget to share this article if it is helpful to you.

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Monday, 30 June 2014

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Make $150 Per Sale with WP Engine Affiliate Program

Do you know you can Make $150 Easily with Affiliate Marketing without even having professional skills. Today I will tell you about WP Engine Affiliate Program Through which you can make $150 per sale. I guess you all know about Harsh Agarwal from Shout Me Loud, He make huge Income around $80410 from Affiliate Marketing only. 

WP Engine Hosting

But before that if you don't know What is Affiliate Marketing then Read below :- 

Affiliate Marketing in simple words is to recommend some good reliable products to your readers which helps you make some good handsome Commission out of it. 

Read How to Make Money as College Student

How WP Affiliate Can Help you Make More Money

 WP Engine Affiliate Program

Web Hosting Niche is the best niche if you are good at Affiliate Marketing because in Blogosphere there is always a demand of Good and reliable hosting and Affiliate commission payout is good. But before that you make some Handsome Income you need pitch only those Hosting which you trust and your readers can rely on it. Today i will be talking about WP Engine Affiliate Program which will help you make $150 per sale.

Why WPEngine Affiliate Program is Best

WP Engine is managed WordPress hosting , and it is very popular also. If you never heard about Managed WordPress hosting. Go and Visit ShoutMeLoud.

Before you join WP Engine Affiliate Program you should Know this things :- 

  • WP Engine is a hosting Company only for WordPress Blogs 
  • WP Engine Hosting plans are Costlier than other so it's not sure you will make many sales.
  • But WP Engine Affiliate Sales Commission is better even you make one sale you will make $150/per sale which is just double of Hostgator Affiliate $75/per sale.
  • It's 2-tier Affiliate program.
  • Even they offer Discount coupons which will also help you make more sales with WP Engine Affiliate Program.
The Biggest problem an Affiliate Marketer face is to Pitch right product and WP Engine Hosting is the best replacement of your hosting problems. If Money is not an issue then WP Engine Hosting is best if you are Looking for reliable hosting.

Features of WP Engine Affiliate Program 

WP Engine Affiliate Program
Credits :-  Shout Me Loud
  • Payment Will be Done via Check or Direct Bank Transfer.
  • There Affiliate Program is Managed by ShareaSale so you will face no problem in tracking.
  • Details of Bonus Commission is explained here.
  • Minimum Payout for ShareaSale is 50. So even if you managed to make One sale you will get your Affiliate Income.
  • For Easy promotion Banners of Different Size are available.
Even if your Newbie you can make Money like a Pro with WP Engine Affiliate Program
So Why to Wait When you can Make  $1750 per Month. 

Sign Up here

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Friday, 27 June 2014

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Get 31 Premium Android App Available for Free on Amazon

Amazon app store is giving away some Paid Android apps worth $100 for free including Plex, My Backup Pro, Pho.to lab Pro and many more.

31 Premium Android App

Do you Know Amazon App store is giving 31 premium Android App for free worth more than $100. The Offer is valid till tomorrow that is 28th June, To get this you can head-over to Here and download those apps which are included in this package.

Learn How to Make Easy Money Online
This List Includes Many Popular Android Games and Utility app and Many More.
Here is the list

  1. Card Wars- Adventure Time
  2. Plex
  3. Notepad+
  4. Sonic The HedgeHog 2
  5. The Room Two
  6. Dr. Panda Bus Driver
  7. Wedding Dash Deluxe
  8. Accuweather Platinum
  9. Root Explorer
  10. RavenSword Shawdow
  11. Sudoko 10000+
  12. Pho.to Lab Pro
  13. Infomant 3
  14. Business Calendar
  15. Jump Desktop 
  16. CrossMe Premium
  17. Enigmatis The Ghosts of Mapple Creek
  18. EZ Money Manager
  19. MobiLearning Talking Phrasebook English-German-French-Spanish-Italian
  20. SplashTop Remote Desktop
  21. CLARC
  22. Dungeon Village
  23. aCalendar+
  24. Travel Interpreter
  25. My Backup Pro
  26. Pinball Deluxe Premium
  27. Loco Motors
  28. Puzzingo Puzzles Pro
  29. 2Do :TODO List Task
  30. Real Shanghai Mahjong
  31. Leagues of Heroes Premium
If you have Never Downloaded any Android app from Amazon 1st Install The Appstore on your phone and Login or Signup using your Credentials. Once you linked with amazon you will be able to purchase app from Amazon and will automatically download to your phone.
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