Monday, 17 February 2014

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How To Download Paid Apps for free in Google Playstore

Google Play store is full of Great apps and most of them are somewhat paid for which you had to pay some dollars. But Today I will give you some way so that you can also enjoy the paid apps for free, wondering how? Lets have a look.
How To Download Paid Apps for free in Google Playstore

You need to follow just some simple steps or you can go for video tutorial on Youtube made for you guyz.

How To Download and Install Paid apps for free in your Android Smartphones

1. Go to Google Play store.

How To Download Paid Apps for free in Google Playstore

2. Find Your Paid app that you want to download.

3.Open It's Description and check the version no. It would be like Somewhat (

4. After You got the Version no. go to and in the search box type the name of app and version no. and in the end right apk.

where apk stands for Application Package file  and contains the setup of the app you want to have in your smartphone.

For example you want to Download Swift key paid Version than.
Go to Playstore and Find the paid version of Swift-key it would be around 1.60$. Click on descrition just below it you will find the version no. in its details .

Now come to and in the search box type Swiftkey Keyboard apk
and you will find no. of sites having its apk, Now from here you will had to apply some little efforts and find working app for that you like to download.

5. After you download, Go to your file manager and fiind your apk file where it is downloaded.

6. It will ask you for permission to allow the unknown source, Tap the settiings and make sure that the option of unknown Source object is checked..

7. Now continue the steps and keep going.

I hope it helps you
I would love your feedback.


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